Andy Koetz

Racine, WI
I chose Wheaton because of its knack for finding the best and brightest people of whatever discipline they’re seeking. On a visit to Wheaton I was supposed to meet with a professor in the Business Department, but read my time wrong and showed up an hour late, when she had class. So instead, I met with a different professor, who could not have had time to prepare anything. He kindly and animatedly talked to me about why he loved the school and all its opportunities for a good hour. Leaving his office, I was so impressed with the level of excitement this random staff member had for Wheaton, that I couldn’t help but be excited as well. When I combined that with the extraordinary programs (HNGR, Urban Studies, etc.), the focus on preparing students as Christians, and the outstanding academic reputation, I realized that Wheaton was the kind of place I wanted to be.