Carl Robinson

Tarrytown, NY
I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes north of New York City, and it is a region that has a small percentage of Christians. I had great Christian examples growing up, but I found that I would become frustrated because I had very few friends who were Christians. I really enjoyed going to youth group, and small group, and as the time to decide on a college grew closer, I found that I wanted a school with a strong group of Christians. Wheaton first came on my radar when my brother started looking at colleges. He got in, and decided that he wanted to go there. He is four years older than I am, so I was able to go out and visit him while I was still in high school. Every year I enjoyed visiting because it was really cool to see how faith and learning was integrated, and it was also really cool to see a solid Christian community. When it came time to apply, Wheaton was on the top of the list. I had prayed about potential colleges, and when I got acceptance letters back, Wheaton was the best option available. Since coming to Wheaton, I have been pushed to really grow my faith. Whether it is friends encouraging me to keep a scheduled quiet time, or professors teaching new material with a Christian perspective, it is very cool, and a bit challenging, to approach life with God really being kept at the center. The truth is that no matter where you end up, if you really desire to grow, you can grow; Wheaton has been that place for me.