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Houghton, NY
I did not start my college career at Wheaton. I enrolled as a freshman another school, where I’d received a large scholarship. While there, I became close friends with the guys and girls on my hall and I witnessed them loving their friends, telling the truth, supporting each other, and caring deeply about how they viewed the world. There was no difference in the way we lived our lives, yet I professed faith in Jesus Christ and they did not.

In philosophy classes I struggled with having to hold back questions related to my faith. These questions weren’t relevant to the class and I lacked the doctrinal knowledge necessary to represent the Christian Theist perspective. I felt inadequate in conversations about faith. I needed to go somewhere where I could learn what it was I believed and what it meant to be a Christian. So I re-applied to Wheaton.

At Wheaton there is freedom to ask questions about faith because it’s always relevant. And the opportunity to be taught by some of the best biblical scholars in the nation is something for which I will always be grateful. God took me away from Wheaton so that I would not take for granted what it has given me—the ability to say with certainty that I am ready, at any moment, to give a reason for the hope I have within.