Columbus, Ohio
International Relations
I had been very conflicted about college decisions. When I visited Wheaton in April of my senior year, I still wasn’t sure about where I would be going. But two factors clinched the decision for me. First, after sitting in on an International Politics class with Dr. Amstutz, where he shared a devotion about the love of God, I realized that Wheaton was the only school that would combine a rigorous academic experience with Christian perspectives. Only at Wheaton could I explore the questions of how Christians should view the U.S. government response to the Rwandan genocide, or pray for the Christian church during a Comparative Politics class. Additionally, college is not just about academics. I had viewed college as a purely academic, professional endeavor, but college is much more than that–encompassing spiritual, emotional, and relational growth. I’ve grown as a whole person at Wheaton, through the residential life system and the opportunities for spiritual growth. Wheaton, even though I didn’t know it when I started the college application process, ended up being the right place for me.