Chicago, IL
Business Economics
My family moved to Chicago when I was 4 years old to be part of a church plan. I grew up in the city and attended a private, non-Christian school. My parents had both gone to Wheaton, so it was always on the radar, but I questioned whether Wheaton could really get me where I wanted to go.

I have loved business and entrepreneurship since I was very little, and started two businesses in high school. I was afraid that the Wheaton business program wouldn’t be as strong as it is at prestigious secular schools, and that I might not find a culture of likeminded people at Wheaton. Many of my friends were headed to the Ivy League, and my own ego wanted to follow them.

Ultimately, after much thought and prayer, I chose Wheaton. My fears proved to be unfounded – I have found a passionate (and growing!) group of friends at Wheaton who love business and startups and innovation, who inspire me every day. Having never attended a Christian school before, seeing how much deeper relationships can become when everyone shares a common foundation in Christ has been incredible. I have grown more, in more ways, over the past two and a half years at Wheaton than I ever would have thought possible.

When people ask me why I chose Wheaton, my answer is pretty simple. I could have aimed for a prestigious school and received excellent training in business, that’s true. But Wheaton shows you how to use that training for Christ’s glory, not your own.