gregory conarroe

Greenwich, CT
Anthropology & Christian Education
When I was looking for a college to attend, my only real criteria was that I could get off campus and go downhill skiing. I was looking at schools in Vermont, Maine, and Colorado. On a visit to the bookstore of my first choice school in which my mother asked if they had any Bibles, the person at the counter responded with an inquisitive look,

“Bibles?” they asked.

“Yeah, the Christian religious text.” my mother replied.

They didn’t have any. I was fairly discouraged.

The next day at church 3 different people came up to me and told me that I should consider going to a Christian school. Two of those people mentioned Wheaton by name.

I read about the school and liked it. I visited the school and liked it even more.

Sure enough, I applied to Wheaton. I did so that I might escape the culture of my high school and be in a place where I could have Christian friends, friends who could have a positive influence on me. I (fortunately) got in, and (obviously) accepted.