Camden, NY
Applied Health Science
I chose Wheaton because it was a place that challenged me not only academically, but spiritually, relationally, and emotionally as well. When you chose Wheaton, you sign up for more than just an education; you receive a life experience. You are challenged outside the classroom in ways that really shape your outlook for the rest of life. Wheaton provides a space to explore ideas more deeply to cultivate grounded people that go out to impact the kingdom. The community is a beautiful balance of encouragement and fun. You meet a variety of people who, at their core, are striving toward the same goal as you. This common foundation provides friendships that are ultimately rooted in something much greater than ourselves. We share a bond that makes up the essence of our being and so relationships take on a new life that I had never experienced outside of Wheaton. It is the most fulfilling thing to do life together in an environment that desires for you to succeed and grow closer to the Lord while doing it.