Eau Claire, WI
Interdisciplinary Studies
To make a long story short, I was actually not very interested in going to Wheaton, but after a very conveniently planned bathroom break by my parents and a tour of campus three months later, I fell in love with this place. Walking around campus felt like home and I loved so many of the programs that Wheaton had to offer such as HNGR and HoneyRock. While I’ve learned so many things from experiences in programs such as these, I think it’s really been the people I’ve been surrounded by that have shaped those experiences and the experience of day-to-day living. The students are amazing and the professors are incredible. Everywhere you turn, you have someone who loves Jesus so much and who just wants to pour out love onto you. I’ve learned to live life with these people and through that, I’ve really experienced God’s love, grace, care, and acceptance.