Maria Herrera

Santiago, Dominican Republic
International Relations
God surprised me by bringing me to Wheaton. I joke around saying I don’t know if it was free will or fate. After high school, I was going to study abroad. A month before I left, I was looking for colleges to apply to but did not find one that I really liked. One day, I did some random google search and found Wheaton College. I call my mom to ask her about Wheaton, and to my surprise she says, “Maria! I was calling you to let you know that I am with the new director of your high school. He is telling me about this school called Wheaton College and that you should apply, that it is the school for you.” Right then, I knew that God was up to something. I chose Wheaton because I knew it would help me get a solid foundation and equip me spiritually, relationally, and intellectually before going into the world. The deepness and vulnerability of Christ-centered relationships that I have found in the Wheaton community have challenged and helped me grow.