matt vaselkiv

Baltimore, MA
Biblical and Theological Studies
“I chose Wheaton because as I was thinking about the shape I wanted the rest of my life to take as an 18 year old, I knew I wanted Christ to define my trajectory. I had heard over and over again about how college was the four most influential years of my life, and I wanted to take whatever steps necessary to make sure that Christ would be the focal point of those four years. As I searched for colleges, it became abundantly clear that Wheaton was the best college for me to fit that vision.

Wheaton has helped me grow immeasurably. It hasn’t been anything like I expected it to be, but it’s challenged me in so many ways. In my four years on campus, I feel like I’ve transitioned from a boy to a man by what Wheaton has stirred up within me. This college has forced me to own why I believe everything that I do, and I will be so grateful to graduate with foundational beliefs I know I can back up.”