Highlands Ranch, CO
Environmental Science
Wheaton always seemed out of grasp for me. I almost didn’t apply because it seemed so unlikely I would get accepted… I was never one for academics or extra-curricular activities. When I got the letter from Wheaton it was small, so when I opened it I expected rejection. Instead the letter informed me that I had been wait-listed. I was shocked. As time went on I kept getting wait-listed so I enrolled in University of Colorado in Boulder and Wheaton faded out of my mind. I went to orientation, knew the dorm I was going to live in, had facebook friended my roommate, I was set to go. On July 30, a few weeks before the start of school, I got a call from Wheaton saying that they had a last minute spot for me. Once again, I was shocked. I spent a few days “thinking” about it for the sake of my parents, but in reality I wanted to go to CU Boulder. Those few days I like to compare to Jonah in the whale because I literally felt miserable, I knew I was going against God’s call by choosing CU. After a conversation with my sisters I realized I needed to go to Wheaton and when I made that decision a sense of peace like I’ve never felt before came over me. I went into Wheaton feeling slightly dazed and what I found here was a new home. Wheaton has blown me away and I have fallen in love with this place. It constantly stretches me academically and spiritually, but I can see that it is ultimately such valuable growth. Wheaton has been such an unexpected blessing.